Why Aries Imaging?
  • Robust, Flexible and Secure
  • Functional for Small, Mid and Large Companies
  • Organizes and Secures Corporate Digital Assets
  • Reducing Paper is Economical.
    Less Paper = Less Overhead
  • Promotes a "Green Corporate Image"
  • Effortless Indexing
  • Effortless to Implement and Use
  • Customizable on Request
  • Supports Multiple File Formats
  • Keep your documents in house
  • Easily integrated with other systems
  • Stop producing paper now

Aries Imaging Products


Robust repository, stores and notifies based on events. It controls workflow, managing rules, databases, users and group permissions.


Distributes work evenly without overloading a user's capacity. Controls priorities, and notifies workers or managers.


Uploads any document kind, converts printable documents to PDF format, splits and stores them securely to Aries Imaging via internet.


Keeps a copy of all the documents, images and files from Aries Imaging Server in a local server.

WebAppliance & WebVirtualAppliance

Sold as a complete-solution unit and is designed for ease of deployment and use with minimal cost of ownership.


Integrates tasks, programs, scripts, and commands, accessing databases, other systems, computers and networks.