Aries Imaging WebPrinter

The Aries Imaging WebPrinter converts printed documents to PDF format and uploads them to Aries Imaging via HTTPS. The process is encrypted and secure, with users credentials along with its metadata information private. Under the same idea, the WebPrinter is capable of uploading any files, emails or attachments (from Microsoft Outlook) to an Aries Imaging flexible database, which supports storage of any kind of file.

The WebPrinter was conceived to:
  • Facilitate the uploading of images to the Aries Imaging System
  • Function as easily as printing a document
  • Allow you to index documents to multiple databases and with multiple indexes criteria
  • Integrate with any application that can print
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer, with its ability to right click an object and send it to Aries Imaging
  • Archive and store everything from files to folders, attachments to Emails
  • To be equipped with a flexible framework that allows the storage of any file type as is

Once you print documents you can append other documents to that same image and/or split its pages to individualize and segregate your index.

Once a document is uploaded, the WebPrinter will notify users immediately that the document is available for retrieval on the WebSearch & WebWorkflow.

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  • Low Price - SAAS cloud service
    (pay per use)
  • Start PaperLess today and save money protecting your investment converting your archive backlog - no need to wait for expensive systems to be in place; it's ready to use
  • Customizable Databases
  • Complete Cloud Environment
  • Use it from anywhere, and let your clients and partners upload documents to your workflow
  • Intuitive & easy to use
  • Manage permissions, Metadata forms and workflows
  • Seamless installation and compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bits


Append Documents: Available to printed out documents only, it will place the current document on hold until the next document is printed, where it then asks if you would like to join them.

Split Documents: Available to printed out documents only, pages are counted and can be split to individual indexes criteria. These indexes can be used later to rule a certain workflow in the WebSearch application.

Multi Index: Any document, image or file can be indexed to multiple database locations and/or split (pages wise). Each database has its own metadata fields to be filled out.

Metadata Forms: The Aries Imaging system has the flexibility to create many metadata information fields to be assigned to different individual documents. These forms are wrapped with users permissions to fields and the fields' content. This will strengthen the storage and simplify the usage to users, practically individualizing a user metadata form per its knowledge or workflow.

Windows Explorer Integration: Right click any file and choose the "Send to Aries Imaging" option to trigger the application to send that file over.

Microsoft Outlook Integration: Right click any email or attachment and choose the "Send to Aries Imaging" option to trigger the application to send that object over.

Notify Completion: The WebPrinter application will notify the user with a flashing green or red icon on the Windows system tray whether the document upload was successful or not.

Notifications and Workflow Trigger: Once the document is uploaded to its databases, the system logs and triggers a verification for further notifications to be created. It automatically creates workflow items, notifies its users, and/or notifies other applications such as WebSync and WebTransporter.