Aries Imaging WebSearch

Aries Imaging WebSearch stores and notifies based on events. It controls workflow, managing rules, databases, users and group permissions. It is segregated, encrypted and secure.

The WebSearch was conceived to:
  • Store multiple documents, regardless of kind, size or location
  • Operate in a Cloud environment around Aries Imaging products, allowing its applications to connect over the Internet,introducing a whole new wave of possibilities
  • Integrate and Collaborate data with clients and partners, simplifying internal workflows, especially in multi location environment companies
  • Search and retrieve each document based on indexed criteria in seconds, due to the Aries Imaging powerful database engine
  • Segregate all documents and files from each customer and wrap them with a customer's users' credentials, with no possibility of other users seeing the document without permission
  • Like any other system, its security is delegated to its users to protect their login information, however Aries Imaging systems encrypts all email communications (TLS connections), has unauthorized reports, password lockout protection and prompt email and 1800 user support

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WebSync interacts with WebSearch to allow the user to upload or retrieve a document from the closest Aries Imaging Database (i.e. from a local network). Advantage: Speeding up processes and reducing Internet usage.

WebSearch is integrated with a powerful workflow system that controls and distributes activities based on events from the system. It has programmable rule base settings to control workflow groups and to signalize SLAs.

All transactions with in Aries Imaging Databases are stored historically, allowing it to revise every single change and event on the system.

  • Low Price - SAAS cloud service
    (Pay per document and not per page)
  • Fast, Secure and Reliable
  • Available anywhere
  • Customizable Databases
  • Complete Cloud Environment
  • Use it from anywhere, and let your clients and partners upload documents to your workflow
  • Manage permissions, search forms and workflows
  • Customizable Rules events notifications


WebSync Integration: WebSearch finds the WebSync server on users' local network and switches any downloads through the server. If the document is still not available it will then switch back to Aries Imaging Servers.

WebSearch Database Segregation: The WebSearch comports many databases that are setup and assigned to users. Each database can contain its own set of metadata fields and still keep its content completely segregated.