Aries Imaging WebSync

Aries Imaging WebSync keeps a copy of all the documents, images and files from Aries Imaging Server in a local server, either provided by Aries Imaging as an appliance or to a customer's original equipment. This speeds up WebSearch retrieval, and WebPrinter upload.

The WebSync was conceived to:
  • Solve a simple request from most of our clients > to have a copy of all their documents under their control at their location.
  • Have notification capabilities that allow the WebSync application to know when a new, updated or deleted document has occurred and then download or update its internal records.
  • Function cooperatively with the WebSearch application where talking to each other and recognizing the availability of the WebSync records. They will be pulled out for retrieval from the local server rather than over the Internet, reducing Internet traffic and speeding up large downloads.
  • Have the capability to queue the WebPrinter uploads in order to free up the users desktop from long waits.
  • Include smart algorithms that also update the local WebSync database, flattening the sync process from the Aries Imaging Servers simultaneously.

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  • Low Price - SAAS cloud service
    (Flat fee for Application or Dedicated Appliance)
  • Keep it in House
  • Redundant Backup
  • Complete Cloud Environment
  • Improves Cloud usage
  • Local WebSearch instance available


WebSync Search integration: WebSearch finds the WebSync server on users' local networks and switches any downloads through the server. If the document is still not available it will then switch back to Aries Imaging Servers.

WebPrinter Proxy: The users must be setup on the WebSync settings in order to use the WebPrinter Proxy feature. Once the settings are in place, the WebPrinter application will recognize the WebSync server and then switches the upload through the proxy. This feature is automatic and requires no updates to WebPrinter clients.