Aries Imaging WebTransporter

The WebTransporter, quite simply, transports data and content from here to there.

It runs tasks, programs, scripts, and commands, accessing databases, other systems, computers and networks. It designs reports and merges content from other systems, databases and tasks. It automates repetitive tasks from Network administrators, Programmers and System operators. It collects logs and execution snapshots, all in a historical storage in accordance to change management terms and ITIL standards.

The WebTransporter is designed in a cloud concept. Segregated among companies, the diverse settings will be stored on Aries Imaging servers, replacing any need for backup restore procedures around this application.

The WebTransporter was conceived to:
  • Facilitate integration to and from any systems across any companies
  • Be configurable to process its transports in any range of time
  • Have the capability of setting tasks to be processed individually or in groups, triggering certain tasks with its cross tasks conditions system

You can write your own Tasks. The Tasks are customizable via XML files and easily plugged in to be used and deployed. With its programmable interface, administrators can write all required commands, easily integrating connectivity to content and vice-versa.

Most common tasks such as FTP and email are built in the system, as well as Aries Imaging Document Tasks. This allows it to synchronize periphery systems across the web, reaching remote offices, clients and partners instantly.

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Although the WebTransporter is an integrated and proprietary application from Aries Imaging, its potential is limitless. It can perform any task, command execution, complete scripting, generate reports etc., independently.

  • Integrates both IT and Document Imaging Perspectives
  • Designs Reports and Email
  • Performs Email distribution, Printshop and Document Imaging Archive
  • Automates IT tasks, such as network and system operations
  • ITIL compliant
  • Low Price - SAAS cloud service (pay per use is a fraction of competition's costs)
  • Robust and Customizable
  • Create your own tasks
  • Integrated with Document Imaging system (Repository, Workflow & Notifications events)
  • Complete Cloud environment
  • Access from anywhere
  • Switch/Replace servers with a click of a button


Platform Independent: The WebTransporter was designed to perform tasks, without any limitation around Systems or content. Even Aries Imaging Tasks are not required. The WebTransporter will execute your transport on schedule and wrap all logs and results back to the server. The Cloud concept allows you to view and edit settings from any computer with Internet access.

Transports: Each Group of tasks to be performed by the WebTransporter.

Tasks: Each Transport contain many Tasks, such as email, ftp, sftp, Aries Imaging Notification Fetch, commands, scripts etc..

Scheduler: Ability to customize the execution time of any Transport.

Companies: The System is segregated to accommodate many Companies settings without commingling them. One administrator account can manage many Companies, Transports or Tasks.

Push Settings to Server: Once the settings are ready, they will be pushed to the server you select among the many servers that were previously configured to process with your account.

WebTransporter Service: This is a configurable Windows service that is easily installed from the application that will perform all the transports and executions as per their schedule. The engine will load the transports once, over the Internet, and monitor for changes every other minute. If the Internet is not available, the engine will continue performing its transports as per the previous load.

Runs Tasks or Transports: While editing your transports you can run individual tasks or entire transports, revise the outputs, customize results, link tasks with conditions and rearrange order execution. The interface is a windows-like application and is very intuitive, making it easy to start.

Customize Tasks: All tasks are designed in XML files that are easily customizable throughout the interface if you require your own task. Simply follow the XML standard and place it under the Tasks folder of the application. The system will load your task file and make it available to use.

Design and Merge Content: The WebTransporter tools include a powerful design tool for documents, HTML files, scripts, Emails and reports. Using the feature to merge content and using a set of variables from previous tasks will customize each execution to your own content.