Aries Imaging WebWorkflow

The Aries Imaging WebWorkflow engine distributes work evenly without overloading a user's capacity, controls priorities, and notifies workers or managers to further enforce service levels of its process. The workflow facilitates training allowing instructions to be posted on each workflow process.

The WebWorkflow was conceived to:
  • Have databases that are equipped with notification systems that trigger workflows to notify other applications, send email, generate a report, update other databases (via WebTransporter), or to sync content with other servers (via WebSync)
  • Automatically balance user' workloads and control workflows to be performed on time
  • Avoid use of many systems to manage same information, using WebTransporter integration capabilities
  • Assign group permissions on fields and content
  • Protecting sensitive information from users
  • Segregate field searches or workflow field processes
  • Manage workflow group items reassigning, rejecting or even completing steps assigned to other users

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  • Low Price - SAAS cloud service
    (Pay per document and not per page)
  • Organizes and controls workflow tasks
  • Manages priorities and notifies on status changes
  • Post instructions to reduce learning curve
  • Complete Cloud Environment
  • Use it from anywhere, and let your clients and partners participate to your workflow
  • Manage permissions, search forms and workflows
  • Customizable Rules for workflow and notifications


WebWorkflow Priorities: When a workflow is setup the administrator can assign a Service Level, allowing the system to automatically prioritize all work to be done. Priorities as based on a set three states (Green, Yellow and Red) - low, mid and high.

WebWorkflow Work Assignment: The WebWorkflow can automatically assign work to users, balancing the load that each user can handle and never leaving any work unassigned.

WebWorkflow Process: Users can save the work for later, complete the step reassigned to other users and redirect work items back to previous workflows. Workflows also are configured to require other fields to be populated, enhancing its metadata content.

WebWorkflow Groups: The WebWorkflow allows users from the same level group to view or perform work items assigned to other users.

WebWorkflow Notifications: WebWorkflow can deliver notifications via email or via the Aries Imaging Notification Center, allowing the user to receive a notification of work assigned, reassigned, rejected or even when its priorities change at the same instant it happens. This further ensures the work item will be completed on time.